Create Advance Token

Generate an Advanced Token Using PADEFI and MetaMask Wallet

Follow the instructions outlined below to generate an Advanced token using the PADEFI platform and the desktop version of MetaMask Wallet.

Step 1: Access PADEFI Homepage and Toolbox

  1. Go to the PADEFI homepage.

  2. Click on the "Toolbox" button located on the left side menu.

Step 2: Initiate Token Creation

  1. Click "Create Token" in the Toolbox; it will redirect you to the token creation page at [insert URL].

Step 3: Select the Advanced Token Option

  1. To mint an Advanced token, select the "Advanced Create" option in the Token Generator section.

Step 4: Enter Token Information

  1. Enter relevant information for the token launch, including the choice of token chain, token name, symbol, decimal, and total supply.

  2. Ensure decimals are greater than or equal to 2 and all fields are required.

  3. Decimals and the total supply must be positive numbers.

Step 5: Set Additional Token Properties

  1. Burnable: Allow tokens to be burned to reduce the supply.

  2. Mintable: Allow tokens to be minted to increase the supply.

  3. Add Anti-Bot and Anti-Snipe Bot features for a fair and equal environment for all investors.

Step 6: Set Token Fees

  1. Include marketing fees, developer fees, liquidity fees, and reflections in the token.

  2. Developer Fees: A certain % sent to your developer wallet.

  3. Marketing Fees: A certain % sent to your marketing wallet.

  4. Liquidity Fees: A certain % transferred back into liquidity.

  5. Holders Reward: A certain % redistributed to the holders proportionally to the token they hold.

Step 7: Review Token Summary and Tokenomics

  1. Check the Token Summary and Tokenomics, then proceed with Publish and Deploy.

Step 8: Confirm the Transaction

  1. Confirm the transaction through MetaMask, which displays the associated fee.

  2. Click "Confirm" to proceed with the transaction completion.

Step 9: Verify Token Deployment

  1. After successful confirmation, a success message appears, along with the contract address of your newly created Advanced token.

  2. Save this address, as it cannot be recovered if lost.

Step 10: Add Token to MetaMask Wallet

  1. Click the "Assets" tab within MetaMask and select "Add Token."

  2. Choose "Custom Token" and enter the contract address you saved.

  3. The Token Symbol, Token Name, and Decimals of Precision fields will auto-populate.

Step 11: Confirm Token Addition

  1. Click "Next" to confirm the token, then "Add Tokens" to complete the process.

Congratulations! You have successfully created an Advanced token using the PADEFI platform and MetaMask Wallet.

Security Reminder Keep your token's contract address secure and always maintain backups of all necessary information. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the PADEFI platform and MetaMask Wallet to ensure continued success and security for your Advanced token.

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