Create Private Sale

This step-by-step guide will show you how to Create a Private Sale on PADEFI using a MetaMask wallet.

Create a Private on PADEFI Using MetaMask Wallet

Step 1: Start a Private Sale

  1. Connect your wallet to PADEFI.

  2. Choose the "Create Private Sale" option.

  3. Give your private sale a title (e.g., "Block Gem Private Sale").

  4. Enter a Private Sale Website.

  5. Choose a token for payment (e.g., BNB or BUSD).

  6. Click the "Next" button to proceed.

Step 2: Define Private Sale Information

  1. Provide necessary information related to your token's private sale.

  2. Enable/disable the Whitelist feature for pre-approved participants.

  3. Ensure the Soft Cap is equal to or greater than 50% of the Hard Cap.

  4. The Minimum Buy must be less than the Maximum Buy.

Step 3: Set Time & Duration

  1. The Start Time must be before the End Time and in UTC format.

  2. Specify the percentage of the first batch of private sale funds to be released to the project owner (up to 95%).

  3. Set the Fund Vesting Period Each Cycle (in days) for subsequent releases.

  4. Specify the Fund Release Each Cycle (in percentages) for subsequent releases.

Step 4: Provide Additional Information

  1. Add a mandatory Logo URL with a supported image file format (PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF).

  2. If needed, use a free image hosting service to obtain a link for your project logo.

  3. Provide additional information about the token.

  4. Include social links to enable contributors to access them easily.

Step 5: Finalize Creation

  1. Review and confirm the information.

  2. Click "Submit" to initiate the transaction.

  3. Approve the transaction in MetaMask, including the processing fee.

  4. Click "Confirm" to complete the process and launch your token on PADEFI.

Congratulations! Your presale is now live, and potential contributors can participate in the private sale.

As the project owner, promote your presale, engage with contributors, and address questions or concerns. Be transparent, monitor your presale closely, and communicate any changes promptly. Keep both token holders and potential contributors informed about key updates, progress, and milestones. Ensure you stay compliant with applicable regulations and legal requirements concerning token sales and fundraising.

Finally, upon completion of your presale, release funds according to the vesting schedule and ensure participants receive their tokens. Transparent communication fosters a positive relationship with token holders and increases the likelihood of long-term project success.

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