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How to Claim Tokens After Participating in a Private Sale


Taking part in a token Private Sale can be an exciting endeavor, as you have the opportunity to be one of the first users to own a specific token. Claiming your tokens after the presale concludes can be a relatively simple process if you know the steps involved. This guide will walk you through the procedure of claiming your tokens after a successful participation in a presale.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Claim Tokens:

  1. Confirm the Private Sale target: First, make sure that the soft cap or hard cap of the presale has been reached. This information is usually available on the project's website or social media channels.

  2. Locate the “Claim token” button: Once the soft cap or hard cap has been met, the “Claim token” button will become available on the project's website or platform where you participated in the Private Sale. Next to this button, you will find the number of tokens that you are eligible to claim.

  3. Initiate the claiming process: Click on the “Claim token” button to begin the process of claiming your tokens. At this stage, MetaMask, or any other wallet you are using, will prompt you to confirm the transaction details.

  4. Review the transaction fee: MetaMask or your chosen wallet will display the transaction fee that you need to pay to claim your tokens. This fee usually covers the gas costs for the transaction on the blockchain network. Ensure that you have enough balance in your wallet to cover this fee.

  5. Confirm the transaction: After reviewing the transaction fee, click on the “Confirm” button to finalize the process. Your wallet will now work behind the scenes to execute the transaction and claim your tokens.

  6. Check your wallet balance: Once the transaction is successfully completed, your presale tokens will be added to your wallet balance. You may have to add the custom token details (contract address, token symbol, and decimals) to your wallet to view them correctly.

  7. Stay updated with project news: To make the most of your new tokens, it's crucial to follow the project's social media channels or join their community forums. This way, you can stay updated on any news, announcements, or potential partnerships that might affect the value of your tokens.


Claiming tokens after participating in a Private Sale can be a seamless experience when you follow the steps mentioned above. Be sure to keep an eye on the project's progress and any updates that may have an impact on your tokens, and don't forget that keeping your wallet secure is essential in safeguarding your investment. Happy claiming!

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